Cat Bowls With Stand

Cat Bowls With Stand

Cat Bowls With Stand

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The Cat Bowls With Stand are one of a kind, crafted with love and the perfect combination of stylish and functional!
We’re pretty sure kitty’s all-in. Now let’s catch you up.

  • Single or double. Want one bowl or two? Better yet, what does kitty want? Whatever you two decide, we’ve got you covered.
  • Stand included. Cats like to eat things a little off the ground. It’s better for their necks, too. So we include a stand that will make you both happy.
  • Non-slip. Got a messy eater? You don’t want the stand moving around on your hungry cat. This is non-slip and tip-proof, so everything stays just where it should.
  • Adorable. Cats are cute all on their own, this just takes things to the next level. Get your camera ready and say "meow."

They’re non-toxic, easy to clean, and assemble in seconds!

The bowls have a little neck on them that just slides right into the base.

They won’t move or twist around once they’re in.

And there’s nothing toxic, so don’t worry if kitty licks the bowl all the way to the bottom.

When they’re ready to be cleaned, just twist them out and rinse with a little warm soapy water.

Because a happy kitty makes for a happy family!

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