ChewyBall™ - Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

ChewyBall™ - Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

ChewyBall™ - Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

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Keep your pooch occupied for hours with this ChewyBall™ - Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy!

This toy will keep your fido's teeth and gums clean by letting him work this ball until the very last tidbit! It’s made of natural high-quality rubber that’s safe to gnaw at by your dog.

You can fit a lot of treats and tidbits into the crevices of this rubber toy. Your dog will need to pat, bite, roll, and do everything to empty this ball until the last treat!


  • Natural Rubber Material
    This ball is made of a natural rubber material that’s safe to be played with by your dog.
  • Fit Food and Treats Inside
    Encourage your dog to work his teeth and gums by sneaking in his favorite snacks inside!
  • Keep Your Dog Occupied
    Eating has never been this interactive if not for this dog toy. The “spikes” will also help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.
  • Control Fast Eating Habits
    Did you know that fast eating is actually bad for your dog? Help him control that habit with the help of this ball!


  • Material: Rubber
  • Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm


  • 1 x ChewyBall™ - Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy

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