Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter

Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter

Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter

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Remove tough and old nuts!

The Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter safely removes damaged and rusty nuts without having to worry about damaging the bolt thread in the easiest way possible

The splitter is made of high-quality steel and will split open the toughest nuts!. The Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter has 4 sizes to choose from to match any bolt thread.


  • Does not damage bolt threads - Protects your bolt threads while extracting tough nuts. 
  • Easy to use - Simply turn the screw to split the nut. 
  • Variety of sizes - Fit most sized nuts with our splitter.
  • High-quality steel forged - The splitter is designed to split the toughest of nuts.
  • Instructions: 

    1. Unscrew the chisel until the nut fits inside
    2. Tighten the chisel by turning the screw in a clockwise direction until the nut splits
    3. Repeat on the other side



    • 9-12mm
    • 12-16mm
    • 16-22mm
    • 22-27mm

    Package Includes: 
    1 x  Heavy-Duty Nut Splitter

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