Rope Tightener with Carabiner Clip

Rope Tightener with Carabiner Clip

Rope Tightener with Carabiner Clip

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Make tightening any line a stress-free task with our Rope Tightener With Carabiner Clip!

Whether you’re tying objects to the back of your vehicle or organizing stuff in the garage, this handy tool secures big loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it. Loop your cord into its well-designed prongs, pull it hard to tighten the knot, and your stuff stays in place!

A perfect alternative to stretch cords and cam-locking tensioning devices, this carabiner controls the release of high tension. Thus, it prevents dangerous or unwanted unloading.


  • Versatile
    The rope tightener features two attachment methods for ultimate versatility.
  • User-Friendly
    The instructions are laser-engraved for effortless operation.
  • Prevents Sudden or Dangerous Unloading
    It secures heavy loads tightly so that they don’t fall off while on the road or when there’s a sudden movement.
  • Lightweight
    Made of high-quality aluminum, you can bring this cord tightener and use it whenever and wherever necessary.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Sizes: L - 7cm x 4.8cm, S - 3.8cm x 2.5 cm


  • 1 x Rope Tightener With Carabiner Clip
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